"The most difficult thing is to create something really true,

and perhaps even truer than truth"

Ernest Hemingway

About the company

Nursing Care Home "Hanna" - a limited company, deals with providing comprehensive medical care and beyond the chronically sick, the disabled and the elderly.

Nursing Care Home "Hanna"

Nursing Care Home "Hanna" provides 24-hour-care for chronically ill people who require constant medical supervision and professional care and rehabilitation.

Long-term Nursing
Home Care

Caring the chronically ill at home.


For patients of long-term home nursing care there is a possibility of free rental medical equipment.


Nursing Care Home "Hanna" organizes medical staff trainings for postgraduate education in long-term care.


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tel./fax +48 62 591 33 11

e-mail: zpohanna@wp.pl


Nursing Care Home „Hanna” – a limited company

ul. Konopnickiej 41a

63-400 Ostrów Wlkp.

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